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Styles of Dance

Ballet is the basis of all dance. All style of dance evolve from Ballet. Ballet aligns the body and gives it strength and flexability. The class consists of exercises, barrre, center floor combinations, turns, and routines.

Contemporary, modern, lyrical
Students use their bodies in a variety of ways united with all dance forms.

A religious dance telling a story through dance movements.

Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Broadway
It's the most "fun" dance thats has it origins in New York, and has become popularized by the entertainment industry. The class consists of appropriate music, technique, and routines.

Tap and Tappercize
It sharpens reflexes and improves rhythm and memory. The class consists of steps, combinations, and routines.

Latin Fitness, Yoga, and Pilates
Exercises for the body that stretch, strengthen, stabilize, and relax.

Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Latin, Tango, and Doo-Wop for dancing and exercise.

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